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Effective Email Marketing – 10 Email Marketing Tips To Implement Now

Email MarketingEffective Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective marketing option for many companies as it is so affordable. Effective email email marketing will bring in very targeted traffic to your website, when done right ! It can also be used to stay in touch with customers and keep current and any prospective customers up to date with any special offers you may have.   Email marketing is simply just writing an email and sending it out to customers that would have signed up to your list. These people will have been interested in your products and services so should be looking forward to your newsletter every week. It is important to have a “sign up to our newsletter” on your website for this very reason. But in order to have an effective email marketing solution for your website there are a few simple rules you need to follow.

1. Firstly, make it easy for anyone to subcribe. Paste a sign up form on your blog, facebook page, and any other social media channel you may be active in.

2. Send information to your customers that your list has signed up for. So if they have signed up to receive special offers, news announcements, tips, dailes etc send them offers on special offers. It is important to let people know what exactly they are signing up for.

3. Send a welcome email. Tell them they are now subscribed and let them know what they will be receiving. Tip:Try and include some sort of special discount in this email.

4. Try and make your email stand out from all the other emails by using some engaging subject titles. Ask a question, add some symbols, etc do not make any wild claims or use the word FREE in the subject line as this will usually go straight into the junk folder of your intended recepient.

5. It is also important to keep your email short and sweet and try not to bombard your reciepents with emails every other day.If they signed up for a weekly newsletter. Make sure to send your newsletter out weekly.

6. There are some people that will sell you email lists that you can use to send your newsletter to. However, we advise against this as you will be not sending emails to your targeted audience. More than likely will get alot of unsubscribes over time as well

7. Make sure the content of your email offers value and make sure what  your saying to your customers is the truth. You can also include any links, images and advertisments within your emails. As previously mentioned it is important that your email copy is of value to your readers. Linking to articles on your website is also a popular method of drawing traffic to your website.

8. Design your email to fit your brand. Many of the email programs such as mailchimp, aweber, contant contat let you design your own email. Use this feature to your advantage.

9. Try and put together a publishing calendar for your subcribers. It is important to make sure your newsletter arrives into your reciepients email every week. Either share the responsibilty among staff members or nominate someone to be in charge of sending out newsletters every week.

10. Think of mobile? Make sure your newsletter can be read on all mobile devices. Try some test emails first and tweak the email to suit your platform. Make your newsletter shareable! It is important to make sure your newsletter can be forwarded to friends, family etc Adding social media links to your newsletter will also increase your following on these social media platforms.

If you are looking to adopt an effective email marketing strategy into your business. Try implementing some of these tips into your newsletter now and see the results !