The internet is a huge advertising medium with lots of consumers waiting to buy your product or search for information on your website. However, this comes with a few obstacles. More competition and more choice for your target consumers.This means you have to fight for their attention. Setting up a website and simply hoping that visitors will flock to your website will not get you far in todays world. Instead, you have to market your website  to the right people and let them know you have something of value to them. Your average visitor will arrive at your site through direct traffic, paid traffic or referrals. In this article i will discuss the differences between PPC and SEO and what you should choose to market your website.

Search engine Optimisation

. Otherwise known as SEO research has shown that as much as 80% of people will search and look for reviews before they purchase their desired product or service. So in order to stand out from the crowd you need to implement some basic SEO on your website in order to get found on Google.  Implemeting meta tags, Alt tags, and writing some unique content will improve your seo rankings and bring in some more visitors to your website. These are some quick easy fixes for any website. The good thing about SEO is that it is entirely free apart from your labour of course. Unlike PPC, you also do not need to pay for clicks so there will also be no extra cost either.  However, bear in mind SEO takes time and work and sometimes it may takes weeks to see your results

PPC Advertising

Paid advertising otherwise known as PPC. This is a huge revenue stream for Google. You create an advert aimed at your target customer. When this customer goes searching for your product they will then see your advert looking at them within the paid listings which are located on Top and right hand side of each search results page. Once they click on your advert they will then be brought to your website where they will then make a purchase. This is paid advertising.  How much you bid will determine where your ad will appear in the search results as your competition will mostly likely be doing the same thing. The good thing about this type of advertising is that it is highly targeted and you can control how often your ad appears within the search results. There are other metrics such as location, time of day your ad appears etc. PPC Advertising is targeted traffic instantly to your website or blog. It is also important to set up a maximum budget you are prepared to spend every month on your Paid advertising otherwise you may find yourself with a big bill.


When deciding which method is right for your website it is important to set out what you want to achieve.  There are clearly pros and cons for both of these methods and of course one of these methods costs money. I think SEO is a long term strategy for your website and any work that is done in this area will be rewarded  by increased organic listings. PPC is of course instant traffic and will certainly drive sales  for your website if needed.   Like anything, both methods require research to see which is the best method for you. Take your time and consider your options.


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