Digital on Tap: How to Market your Business

Digital on Tap: How to Market your Business

At present the digital space is evolving at a breath taking speed paralysing traditional marketing methods and dismantling previous marketing modes of measuring the customers buying cycle. Terms such as ‘it is all about mobile’ and ‘always on’ are ubiquitous in the marketing industry.

That being said, digital marketing is already progressing to the next stage in its evolution and although it may seem futuristic, the thought processes of some tech companies and digital entrepreneurs as to how digital will look tomorrow and beyond is astonishing. Dahlström and Edelman observe the process as shifting from being “always on to a concept of also always Relevant, responsive to the consumer’s desire for marketing that cuts through the noise with pinpoint delivery” (, 2013).

The majority of marketers and businesses are coming to terms with matching their products, services and brands to what the customer is searching for an all devices. However, tomorrow’s consumer may be searching by means of body gestures, voice recognition and visual images coupled with the never ending array of new devices which allow for augmented reality (, 2013).

Digital Marketing now and tomorrow

Warby Parker, a web retailer which specialises in eye ware, utilises the evolving digital techniques to allow visitors see what accessories actually look like when worn by means of a webcam. Glasses are delivered to a customer’s home free of charge and if incorrect can also be returned free. The user experience also includes a standard pupillary distance measurement by means of a credit card held against a person’s face as a measurement guide. A user can upload a picture of their own facial features helping to personalize user involvement and offer more authenticity (warbyparker, com). This technology proved to be commercially successful for the company and helped with building customer relationships.

Adobe is a major multinational computer company which specialises in software and digital platforms and recently launched a number of new digital capabilities. For example, the ‘Master market profile’ is a tool allowing marketers to measure audience participation in real time across multiple channels creating one unique visitor profile incorporating CRM and so forth. In addition, Cameron acknowledged that “these profiles can be used to create and share audience segments in order to deliver more personalised ads and content through email, digital, mobile and social campaigns” (, 2014).

The introduction of Google glass under the guise of wearable technology has been around for some time. The first impression for some may be that this concept may be only for individual use or for entertainment purposes. However, the following capabilities auger well for Goggle glass as a marketing tool as explored byRooke.

  • Retail stores could show messages to glass users when they pass the their premises embedded with special in store offer and promotions, a powerful marketing opportunity for savvy retailers
  • Can be utulised with Google Wallet to facilitate on line purchases
  • Or codes could be use to redirect glass users to a website where products may be bought or reviewed
  • Google Glass contains image recognition software which allows a picture to be taken including additional information relating to pricing products and purchase on line via Amazon (, 2013).

The above mentioned are only some technologies which may become mainstream someday. The arrays of digital marketing channels available are varied from Google applications to Facebook and beyond. The pace of change is meteoric and there is little sign of a slow down on the horizon concerning all things digital. One central factor amidst all the digital development is the danger of concentrating too much on the technology and forgetting about the customer. At the end of the day the customer is always king and their needs and wants must lye at the heart of all marketing campaigns, digital or otherwise.


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